Good performance on the case study competition of the Norwegian School of Economics

The team formed by four GTK students delivered a good performance on the NHH International Case Competition 2018. Competing with the teams of American, Asian and Western European universities, the team of Jakó Zsolt, Kelemen Kincső, Kozma Nóra and Pádár Zsuzsánna had a solid performance during the group stages, but the team representing the University of Toronto had taken the qualifying place in this group, who have later won the final of the competition as well.

The case study competition organized by the NHH Norwegian School of Economics took place on September 17-21, 2018 with the participation of 10 universities from 3 different continents, including the team from Cluj. During the competition the teams had the task to offer a complex solution to DNB Bank ASA, Norway’s largest financial group to improve their ability to attract young generations towards using their savings products and private pension funds.

Beside the GTK team from Cluj, the following universities have taken part in the competition: BI – Norwegian Business School (Norway), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Georgetown University (USA), University of Toronto (Canada), University of Münster (Germany), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzen (China), City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Sun Yat-sen University (China), Peking University (China).

Congratulations to the GTK team for their performance in this highly competitive international event!