International case competitions and motion picture industry at the VIBE Festival

Between the 5th and 8th of July, 2018 the VIBE Festival was organized for the second time in Targu-Mureș. The festival included the so called “VIBE Koli” program which aimed to offer a forum for discussion for young participants on current issues. GTK Business Consulting Club was also present at the VIBE Koli, with two different programs.

First, a round table discussion was moderated by  Szász Levente with the participation of four GTK students (Éltes Rita, Kelemen Kincső, Deák Péter and Szabó Norbert) discussing their experience on international case study competitions organized in Montreal (Canada) and at Harvard.

Next, former and current senior members of the GTK Business Consulting Club (Bálint Teodóra Alexandra, Géger Gyopár, Pádár Zsuzsa és Costiniuc Norbert)  held a presentation about fun facts of the motion picture industry.