International success! The GTK student team from Cluj-Napoca has won the Canadian University of Calgary business case competition

A team from the University of Babeș-Bolyai from Cluj-Napoca with four master students (3 of them were GTK members) has scored a historical result and got to stand at the highest position of the virtual podium of the world global case study competition organized by the Canadian University of Calgary. This is the first time in the history of our university that a team could win the first place at any international case study competition.

The university and the GTK was represented by Borsos András (Banking and Finance MA, 1. year), Deák Péter (Business management MA, 2. year), Kelemen Kincső (Business management MA, 2. year), and Sata Bálint (Banking and Finance MA, 1. year), who have succeeded in qualifying into the final part of the competition with the top 10 teams, in which they had to solve another 24 hours case and present their solution.

The „EnergyBowl Case Competition 2021” has been organized between the 17th and 18th of February 2021 organized within the 10th Annual Alberta Student Energy Conference by the Canadian University of Calgary. In the finals the team from Cluj had to compete with top universities from Canada, China, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, Mexico, Lebanon, Peru and India. During the competition the teams had to solve a strategic problem for Canadian oil and gas company, Cenovus. The task revolved around reducing the company’s greenhouse gases, backing up the solution with technical, economic and sustainable arguments.

The solutions were presented online to a jury of representatives from the company and experts from different international business consulting firms. Based on the jury’s final decision the „Synergy Consulting” team representing the university has won the competition in 2021 and received the main prize of 2000 $ as well as the possibility to present their solution to the Cenovus executive board.

The team was coordinated by professor dr. Szász Levente, dr. Györfy Lehel-Zoltán and dr. Rácz Béla-Gergely.

Various teams representing the University of Babeș-Bolyai from Cluj-Napoca and the GTK have succeeded in getting outstanding results at different international case study competitions such as the competition organized by the Norwegian School of Economics or by the Mexican Universidad Panamericana in 2019, but a team from Cluj-Napoca has succeeded in getting to the top position of the podium at an international case study competition for the first time. We congratulate the team and their professors for their historical result.