Professional workshop and team-building in Tureni

The annual professional workshop and team building event for the members of GTK Business Consulting Club was organized between October 19-21, 2018 in Tureni. This year the participants had to build up a whole project around how to support the Yuppi camp in order to earn income, which was presented by them on the last day.

On Friday the program started with the presentation held by GTK coordinators Rácz Béla Gergely and Szász Levente, focusing on the first semester’s plan and about the organization’s strategy. The event continued with a presentation held by the senior members of the club on the industry analysis to be carried out during the semester. The day was closed with teambuilding and icebreaker games.

The second day started with a crash course held by GTK coordinators Szász Levente and Rácz Béla Gergely, on how to solve a case study efficiently, complemented with insights shared by two experienced case solvers of GTK, Éltes Rita and Szabó Norbert. The professional program continued with the tips and experiences on shared by Éltes Rita, alumni member regarding how to use PowerPoint properly. During the second part of the day, Német Hunor, Yuppi Camp representative and GTK alumni member, held a presentation focusing on the operation of Yuppi Camp. In the last part of the day, participants were separated into groups of four and they had to solve the case study of Yuppi Camp.

During the last day, participants had the chance to present their solution in front of a representative of Yuppi Camp and coordinators, who evaluated the presentations and selected the best performing four students who will represent GTK at the ESET Start competition in Budapest, Hungary.