Second and fourth place in the National Controlling Case Study Competition (OCEV)

Between the 19th and 30th of November, the ninth edition of the National Controlling Case Study Competition (OCEV) was organized by the Budapest Business School (BGE) and the Lámfalussy Sándor Business Club.

The case for this year’s competition was given by the Dreher Breweries, and the teams had a week to develop a strategy to increase the company’s market position in the cider segment. They had to justify their decision by appraising possible alternatives, calculating costs and benefits, evaluate the investments involved, perform a risk analysis and develop a long-term strategy as well.

Out of the 14 teams that applied, only 7 teams reached the finals, where they had to present their solutions to a professional jury. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Babeș-Bolyai University was represented by three teams from the Business Consulting Club (GTK), who were all able to advance to the finals organized in the online space.

In the finals, team Codex, whose members were Ákos György (Finance & Banking, 2nd year), Beatrix Farkas-Hegyi (Management, 3rd year), Réka Izsák (Finance & Banking, 3rd year) and Dorka Tiboldi (Business Information Systems, 3rd year) managed to reach the second place of the podium. Team Sigma, whose members were Beata Bardóczi, András Borsos, Zsolt Jakó and Miriám Nagy reached the fourth place.

The team Unit (Ábrán Kinga, Apetroae Lucas, Domokos Ferenc, Martonos Magor) have also qualified to the final.

The Sigma team won the special award for “The best presentation” in the competition.

The advisors of the teams were dr. Györfy Lehel, dr. Szász Levente and dr. Rácz Béla.

Congratulations to the teams, participants and teachers!