The Management Shadowing program’s report, 2017/2018

The Management Shadowing is one of the basic programs of the GTK Business Consulting Club where members have the opportunity to spend one entire day as the “shadow” of a manager, observing his/her daily activities. The program can be considered as a unique initiative aiming to introduce students to the way theory is transferred into practice.

In the 2017/2018 academic year, the following companies and managers were visited by students:

  • Krisztián Sándor, spent the day with Tamás Vincze at East Grain.
  • Hunor Győrri visited BÁV Romania where Szabolcs Héjja welcomed him.
  • Zsolt Jakó could spend one day at East Grain with Csaba Cserháti.
  • Beátai Bardóczi and Nóra Kozma accompanied Dénes Laczkó at the UBM Invest.
  • Tihamér Virágh and Ibolya Vizeli visited Attila Pásztor at the East Grain company.
  • Miriám Nagy was guided by Alpár Kiss at the East Consulting company.
  • Zsófia Balla and Rita Éltes can spend a day at Crush Distribution, next to Tamás Bozsó,
  • Zsuzsanna Griz, Adrien Horváth, Kincső Kelemen and Karina Szász visited the Bonafarm Zrt., and spent a day with Kinga-Beata Szőcs and István Barok.
  • Tamás Barabási and Eszter Molnár can spend one day with the GTK coordinator Miklós Kerezsi at East Consulting Ltd.

GTK Business Consulting Club members participating in this program would like to express their acknowledgement for the time and attention offered by the managers!