High-School Program

The target group of the GTK Business Consulting Club’s High School Program are high schools students from Cluj-Napoca. The program is managed and conducted by the Club’s coordinators and alumni members.

Objectives of the BCC’s High School Program:

  • The transfer of a practical business knowledge through the interactive teaching of business planning techniques, complementing the theoretical knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship provided by high schools.
  • To offer, regardless of the future professional profile of the students, an appropriate framework for learning the basics of business logic, that can be used to attain business or non-business related objectives.
  • The professional diversification of BCC members in the long run.

The Program consists of five lectures, delivered by alumni members. After each lecture, participants receive subject-related group tasks, which need to be solved until the specified deadline. Solutions are evaluated by the corresponding lecturer, who also formulates further suggestions. Evaluations are added to the overall achievement of each group.

Program structure:

  1. Entrepreneurial behaviour, enterprise, business idea, and industry analysis
  2. Operational plan and human resources management
  3. Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. Presentation techniques

At the end of the program, each team has the opportunity to present their own business idea and plan in front of a jury consisting of university and corporate professionals. The best plans are rewarded.

High School Alumni