The GTK Business Consulting Club’s mission consists in contributing to the professional development of highly talented individuals by providing the possibility for its members to employ the knowledge they have acquired at university in real business environment or in close-to-reality situations.


In the long-term, GTK should become the highest quality, internationally competitive central and  should become a Transylvanian vocational college for middle-level managers, top-level managers and entrepreneurs.

Organizational framework

The GTK will remain an independent professional college of the Hungarian branch of BBTE KGTK. The operation must be ensured through the Zsolt Antal Foundation.

Goals for 2030

  • The alumni network min. 2/3 of them must have a middle or top manager at a local company in Romania, or be an entrepreneur in Romania.
  • Members min. 50% of them must gain international professional experience outside Hungary at the time of GTK (competition, internship, Erasmus).
  • Proportion of lectures related to Management should be at least min. 30% every semester. Trainings for, at least 20%, vision enhancement (eg discussion, newspaper article, life course discussions, micro lessons, etc.).
  • At least one lecture in Romanian and at least one in English must be provided every six months.
  • All GTK members must have significant practical professional experience during their GTK years (eg internship).
  • By 2030, three wins in a global case study competition.
  • There should be a widely known and attractive vocational college among high school students, and this should be strengthened. Mining of BBTE KGTK entrance essays in 15% of them, GTK should be named as motivation.