High-School Program

The target group of the GTK Business Consulting Club’s High School Program are high schools students from Cluj-Napoca. The program is managed and conducted by the Club’s coordinators and alumni members.

Objectives of the BCC’s High School Program:

  • The transfer of a practical business knowledge through the interactive teaching of business planning techniques, complementing the theoretical knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship provided by high schools.
  • To offer, regardless of the future professional profile of the students, an appropriate framework for learning the basics of business logic, that can be used to attain business or non-business related objectives.
  • The professional diversification of BCC members in the long run.

During the program, we organize training on 5 topics to help you write your business plan. We also provide opportunities for students and entrepreneurs to meet and exchange information through personal experiences. Finally, the project concludes with a project presentation competition. Using the experience gained, the ultimate goal is to write a business plan and present it to a professional jury.