The GTK Business Consulting Club’s mission consists in contributing to the professional development of highly talented individuals by providing the possibility for its members to employ the knowledge they have acquired at university in real business environment or in close-to-reality situations.

The GTK’s goal is to ensure that– in 5 years time– no less than 60% of its alumni members, after two years of work experience, will either own their own business, occupy a middle-level manager position, or work at an international consulting firm.

Organizational subgoals (excerption)

Leadership Training content focus:

  • Creating an elaborated practical leadership program.
  • Organizing at least three case study solving trainings every six months.
  • Designing complementary trainings that ensure the transfer of knowledge that cannot be acquired within an academic setting. Priority areas: communication, market research, strategic management, controlling, newest online solutions, latest organization building solutions, social enterprises, social responsibility, corporate finance, start-ups, innovation, cloud-financing, sharing economy.
  • Focusing solely on practical knowledge and considering the professional input of active business experts a priority. Having renowned professionals to provide information and feedback at least twice every six months.
  • Ensuring that at least 70% of the trainings are related to Romanian examples and/or realities.


  • Participating in at least one international case study competition, outside of Hungary, every year.
  • Hosting at least one international lecturer, outside of Central Europe, every year.
  • Assisting at least two students to earn international experience, outside of Hungary, every year.
  • Building professional relationships with foreign (Western European) consulting clubs, or similar organizations.
  • The horizontal and vertical expansion of the GTK – Business Consulting Club insofar as it does not compromise quality and focusing.

Horizontal expansion:

  • Opening towards other disciplines through the GTK – Business Consulting Club’s high school program. After graduation members will earn a GTK – Business Consulting Club high school alumni status. Apart from industry analysis and case study solving trainings, they will have open access to all GTK – Business Consulting Club programs.
  • Standardizing admission criteria as well as tightening membership holding requirements.

Vertical expansion:

  • Strengthening the alumni network and expanding business relationships.
  • Building a region-wide high school program.
  • Engaging at least one new company to the Shadowing programs, two as promoters, and one in order to start a novel professional relationship every year.

The GTK – Business Consulting Club’s character and its linkage to academic activities

  • The GTK – Business Consulting Club is an autonomous business consulting workgroup available for students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Babeș-Bolyai University’s Hungarian line of study.
  • The GTK – Business Consulting Club is not directly related to the academic education; university lecturers, business leaders, and practicing professionals are all involved in the Club’s activities.
  • The GTK – Business Consulting Club is conceived as an extracurricular possibility that aims to contribute to the professional development of members beyond regular higher education.
  • The main priority of the GTK – Business Consulting Club is the adjustment to the economic reality, according to which the majority of economics graduates will not become theoreticians, but rather practitioners who work in groups.
  • The GTK – Business Consulting Club’s contribution to the university’s reputation is primarily achieved through the future careers of the Club’s graduates, its business relationships, and by having its members participating and achieving impressive results in national and international competitions.

The GTK – Business Consulting Club’s legal framework and the nature of its business relationships

  • The operational framework of the GTK – Business Consulting Club is ensured by the Antal Zsolt Foundation.
  • The GTK – Business Consulting Club is registered as a vocational college at the Hungarian University Institution from Cluj-Napoca.
  • Business professionals participate actively in the GTK – Business Consulting Club’s programs, sharing their knowledge and experience, as well as offering management shadowing programs for our members.