Management Consulting

This program offers GTK Business Consulting Club members the possibility of working on real (market based) or close-to-reality (case study based) management problems. During these programs members have to bring managerial decisions, develop methods and ideas to support these decisions, and present their work in front of professionals. Case study based programs are considered  preparatory for solving real-life business problems.

Case study based projects – Members provide a detailed analysis and solution to a precisely described business situation, and present it in front of professionals in order to receive relevant feedback regarding their work.

Market based projects – During these projects members of the BCC provide a detailed analysis of a certain industry or market segment, and present their work and conclusions in front of experts. These projects are coordinated by business professionals, last longer than case study based projects, and include several incremental stages of presentation, evaluation and improvement. The final objective is the development of a presentation that is considered suitable – regarding both content and format –  to be implemented during business meetings and negotiations.