EcoSim simulation training

The EcoSim simulation training took place on 22.05.2021 within the framework of GTK. The training was held by Balázs Orova, CEO and trainer of EcoSim, and László Dimén Varga, teacher. By organizing into teams, students were able to adjust the operation of a technical company from a real management position.

In the game, students also had the opportunity to define the sales, production, HR, purchasing, research and development, marketing and financing departments of the company within the simulation. The teams also had an influence on each other as they were competing in a closed market. The game consisted of 4 rounds, in the end the students with the highest cumulative profit won.

At the end of the simulation, the organisers evaluated the competition and then the teams’ work individually. At the end of the training, the students had the opportunity to ask questions, which were answered by the presenter in a willing and open-minded manner.

Thank you again for a meaningful training!