A study trip to Brussels, the 1st prize at the GTK competition organized for high school students

On the 14th of December, 2019 the GTK – High School Program was held, where 12 teams presented their ideas and business plans for a jury of professionals, entrepreneurs and academics.

From 5 high schools of two cities, Cluj-Napoca and Satu Mare, pupils from the 10th and 11th grade attended the competition. During the nearly 3-month program, students also participated in training, while they were working on developing their business idea and business plan.

The final result of the GTK – High School program was:

1st place – Bozz Gang team (János Zsigmond Unitarian College, Cluj-Napoca)

2nd place – Vállalkozók team (Báthory István High School, Cluj-Napoca)

3rd place – Fekete Farkasok team (Kölcsey Ferenc Highschool, Satu Mare)


During the final round, the teams received valuable and useful advice from the jury, for whom we are also thankful: Zsuzsa-Emese Csorba (Civitas Foundation), Lehel Zoltán Györfy (BBU, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration), Katalin Lokodi (Vibe Festival), Levente Szász (BBU, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration), Norbert Costiniuc (Goodwill Consulting), Tamás Gáspár (East Grain), Balázs Halmen (East Ride), Zoltán Magyar (MOL Romania), Rita Székely (Richter Gedeon).

Thanks to our trainers who helped the teams: Bardosán Sheila, Boga Balázs, Erős Lóránt, Deák Levente, Deák Péter, Fábián István și Salamon Ádám.

We also thank our sponsors: Antal Zsolt Foundation, Iuliu Winkler member of the European Parliament, Sport and Youth Department Satu Mare, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Vibe Events Management, Sales Origo, Communitas Foundation, Culina Nostra.