Credit Crunch board game day

Following the closure of the “Romania’s Agrarian Strategy” project for this year, on the 16th of December 2011 the BCC members attended a gaming event. Participants could compare their skills and luck in the Credit Crunch board game, developed by The Economist, which had as central theme the credit crunch and financial crisis of 2007-2008. The event started with a presentation given by Bálint-Zsolt Nagy, PhD, university lecturer regarding the events of the crisis connected to the game.

The presentation revealed the important milestones of the crisis, as well as its major actors, both individuals and companies. The BCC members could also learn the meanings of some typical expressions of the financial market, such as golden parachute, red ink or silverspoon.

Members, senior members and alumni members of the BCC, as well as the coordinators attended the event. The atmosphere was lively and joyful combined with the excitement of the competition. After the board game, the participants had the chance to continue the event in a local pub with an informal meeting and discussions.