The importance of CSR projects in company success

On 13 December, 2013 the last event of the semester was organized in the framework of the MCC-GTK Leadership Program. Invited lecturer was Bálint Molnár, marketing and communications manager at EIT ICT Labs Budapest and head of marketing and communications program at Mathias Corvinus Collegium. The topic of the public lecture was “Is corporate communications the magic tool to win support from stakeholders?”. Erzsébet Felméri, PR coordinator of MOL Romania was also present at the lecture and seminars, presenting the company’s corporate social responsibility programs.

On the public lecture Bálint Molnár spoke generally about the corporate social responsibility of companies, followed by several real CSR program examples based on his past experiences.

At the seminars the GTK members shared which company’s CSR program is their favorite one and in what kind of program would they like to take part. They made groups of four and tried to develop a CSR project each. They had many ideas like making bicycle roads, cleaning up the parking places nearby busy roads and to support professional colleges for students. The students identified who are the main stakeholders, what kind of problems might appear during the project and how this can be promoted to the general public. In the elaboration of the ideas the students were helped by the invited specialists.

We would like to grab this opportunity to express our gratitude to our invited lecturers for the exceptional courses and seminars!