GTK students at the Global Business Case Competition hosted by the University of Washington

Between the 15th and 26th of April, 2021, three of our senior members: Csenteri András-Gergely, Hollanda Tekla-Andrea, Karda Sára and one of our alumni members, Szép Hunor attended the case competition held by the Foster School of Business of University of Washington, Seattle, competing with 23 known Universities of different countries. The competition itself included multiple rounds, from which the first one was a brief presentation, where the organizers described the schedule and the programs. After that, the students got their first case, being mixed in teams with other members from different universities. This was a great opportunity to work with students in international teams. During this round they competed for the title of Global Case Challenge Winners, while building close relationships and sharing their knowledge with other team members. From there on, throughout three more days, they were given the possibility to expand their network and meet new people, unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now just online.

The main part of the competition was a 72 hour-long case about Tesla’s expansion plans where they had to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of it. The preparation of their plan required plenty of analysis work where teams needed to gather information about different countries in order to prepare a comprehensive solution.

For the finale of the competition, three team made it to the finals, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, University of Porto and the Chulalongkorn University of Thailand. Out of these three, the winner of the competition was the University of Porto, due to their excellent performance.

Despite the fact that our team didn’t made it to the finals, they gathered experience both in a professional as well as a personal way.